Glastonbury 2019 – The Scorcher

So many incredible moments at Glastonbury this year. It’s hard to know where to start.


I guess at home ‘ The RumShack ‘ arguably our best year 50/50 gender balanced programming.. Amazing acts.. The ones that really stole my breathe and energy were Ghetto Kumbe, Barney Artist, Grace Savage, Burd and of course Lowkey. This was a difficult show for me as I always bail on ‘ Ghosts of Grenfell ‘ but decided to stay this time.. (I didn’t have a choice I was on after) It wrecked me..


No matter how long has passed I just can’t deal with the injustice of it all and when I hear that song it hits me hard. I think of Yasin and his family and all that perished.. the moment just overwhelmed me. I just hear Yasin’s cheeky voice and manner and his father saying “Mr Natty , Mr Natty” while Yasin is behind him doing prayer hands and begging me not to tell his Dad what silly thing he had done at college that day.. Yasin was a joy to teach, hardworking at times but a good soul with a huge heart and spending time with his Dad was awesome as I didn’t ever get to see many parents in 8 years!!! Yasin’s Dad was a King and always came to see me. It all just seems so unfair.. it will live with me forever as will the love and generosity of them both.. Super missed and very wrong. I hope justice is finally served so that everyone effected can find some closure. Until then may Lowkey be blessed and continue to speak and voice how the community feel. I’m still not ready to go there or to speak on it.. It’s as fresh today as it was 2 years ago.

I remember picking up the evening standard and seeing their pictures. My heart sank and it’s stayed there since. Glastonbury brought me some closure and I was emotional before I hit the stage with Lyrix Sub System and partied in their honour. Yasin was all about the party! He loved vibes and lowkey. Mad thing is he always wanted me to bring him in to the class to do a session. Now he sings his name at every concert. Mad world!

This year Glastonbury seemed really deep and necessary. The energy was high and although the world is suffering right now it was great to drop out of the negative bombardment of news and Brexit and to feel music, warmth and vibes. I feel I connected with so many people this year. It was a deep one.

Big up my ghetto funk family..we clashed on the clash stage and won. If you can call it that. In my mind we’re all winners, entertainers who are there to boost the energy and vibes of the paying public and I have to say – I love my job! and all that ride with me.

So another year done. I’m emotionally and physically drained but it was worth it! Next year is the 50th year of Glastonbury. I’m sure we can top it. To everyone I met – Thank You and Big Love X


I will post some footage but for now I think words are enough.