Nozstock 2017

So Nozstock this year was incredible.. The rain arrived on the Friday and seemed to stay forever.

It never dampened spirits and in true Nozstock style the punters braved it all and partied hard. So many highlights its ridiculous. Backstage banter was the best yet. Personal highlights included bringing JoeBurn on stage with me for MungosHiFi which had been on a list of mine for 5 years. Well only the magic of Nozstock could bring us together and incredibly it did.

I got to try out my loop station/Freestyle set for the third time to a wonderful afternoon audience on The Garden Stage and it went down really well. Massive shouts to those of you who actually got out of bed to come and support it and of course to Revrt (Superstar DJ) for assisting me in the chaos.

I have to give a huge shout to CWJones for inviting me on stage with him.. Been a fan since I saw his ‘ Fly me to the moon ‘ cover and it was a real pleasure to join him and the incredible Beatbox.

I have so many things to say about Nozstock and at some point I will edit together a video. Until then massive shouts to Alana, Iain, Cat, Nick, Anthony, Lee, Sam, Tim and everyone that passed through and supported.. Massive shout to Catherine North!!! And of course the Noz family!

In the words of the Welsh activists and spokespersons for a generation (GoldieLookingChain)

Nozstock you took it to Level 5! Next year its the 20th Anniversary.. Now that is going to go OFF!!

Big Love