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Natty Speaks is an irrepressible Hip Hop entertainer – versatile, gifted and outspoken. On stage he carries audiences on a journey via freestyle Hip Hop, Reggae toasting, off-the-cuff comedy and human beatbox. It is an explosive combination that has ignited stages from Jazz Cafe to Glastonbury Festival. Off stage he is a producer, DJ, record label boss and inspirational workshop leader propelled by a passion for empowering young people. When Natty Speaks, people listen.

From Kaliningrad to Toronto, Natty has lit up shows internationally with all-round skills and lyrical firepower. He bounces across stages with unadulterated energy rooted in the days of Jungle pirate radio but schooled in Hip Hop.

Natty Speaks is perhaps best known by the next generation as an inspirational youth ambassador. Committed, experienced and charismatic, Natty is highly regarded across London and the South East for his tireless work in classrooms, charities and youth centres. As Lyrix Organix helps create bespoke programmes for young people with troubled backgrounds and disabilities to MC, sing, write, produce – even customise clothes and create street art. Partnerships include CardboardCitizens, Calcot for children, The Roundhouse, as well as teaching at City of Westminster College. It’s no slogan – Natty Speaks actually is inspiring a generation, from the ground up.


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