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Versatile, gifted and outspoken

Mexican Champs Returns

  After a 4-year break, I’m thrilled to announce the return of the National Mexican Beatbox Champs in Mexico City this 19,20,21 October!... Read more

Latest Release

  Easy People, It’s a great feeling to be back and releasing music once again. This time, I have the pleasure of reconnecting... Read more

Boomtown 2018

What a festival!! Seriously ridiculous the lengths that the team go to to make the place what it is… Unreal!! another Planet! Pocoloco... Read more


Boom! What a festival!! I was happy to host the  takeover of the Spotlight. It was epic! But my personal highlight was dropping my... Read more

Glastonbury 2015

Massive Love to all the crew: Lyrix – Dan, Tim, Joanna, Nico, Fitz and Henry, Tom and Mickey on Sound, Bar staff – ... Read more

Natty Speaks is an irrepressible Hip Hop entertainer – versatile, gifted, and outspoken. He has lit up shows internationally with his all-round skills and lyrical firepower.

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