So the year finally gets moving…

Announcements… Firstly the Second Hand Audio EP is out and its amazing.. Thank You Gents for inviting me along for the journey… Features a Track I’m proud to have made. Its such a bonus to have artists that I have grown up respecting on there and to continue building with the GhettoFunk family. If truth be told Slim wrote the chorus! Long Story.. One day I might tell it!

Good to see my two favourite nutters and King of the Sticker Bombers Too Many T’s on there as well.. Leave me alone boys!!!!! Stop following me…. NOW!!!

I will be returning to host the GhettoFunk Nightclub at ShindigFestival this year as well as I’ll be popping up on a few sets. All will be revealed if you’re there!!! If not… Why Not?! Its genuinely one of the best Festivals the UK produces!!!  The lineup is next level and the vibes, well , we always bring the vibes…

Ice cold


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