Massive Love to all the crew: Lyrix – Dan, Tim, Joanna, Nico, Fitz and Henry, Tom and Mickey on Sound, Bar staff –  especially Jack. Ian (Who I went and watched the Moody Blues with instead of Kanye – Yeh we’re Gangsta!) Ryan and of course Kerry, Mel, Zoe and the Don Dada Steve Bedlam. Extended Love a gratitude to the whole common, you ALL made this year a blessed experience.

Also Big Shout to Shangri La Family and Chris Tofu  –  we smashed Heaven and then went on to have the first ever Live Ghetto Funk Comedy DJ set in House of Come Ons – If you were there you know , if not.. missed out! Big Shout to Profit for calling on the stage invasion and generally making my festival more fun than ever.

Finally to top it off I get a lift home from Dave Pemberton. Blessed….

Big Love – Over and out!