I am not sure where to start! Boomtown was awesome. It started wet and soggy and progressed into fire and frenzy. All the punters rising and the crew doing everything possible to make sure the site was safe and ready for one of the biggest parties in the UK.

I have so many personal highlights from hosting PocoLoco its almost too hard to mention them all. However, in no particular order here goes..

Loyle Carner, Cw Jones, Dr Syntax and Pete Canon, Daddy Skitz and Joe Burn, Pete Canon and I ( We took the punters on a journey through Jungle ) Ghetto Funk Allstars takeover of Spaceport, Ocean Wisdom, Eva Lazarus… I could go on and on..It was epic!

So on to Chapter 10 and who knows what might happen. All I know is hosting Poco Loco is a genuine pleasure and I am grateful for simply being around Music, Events and People who I love working with.


To all those who shared the Love and got involved. Thank You and Big Love!