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Freestyle Rapper, Producer and host at some of your favourite spaces and places.


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Second Hand Audio – No Pressure (feat. Natty Speaks)


Natty Speaks ‘Freestyle’ – Lockdown Your Aerial

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Boom! What a festival!! I was happy to host the  takeover of the Spotlight. It was epic! But my personal highlight was dropping my...

Bahidora Festival Mexico 2018

What can I say!!! I was treated like a King. My very first experience of Mexican festivals. What a dream. The whole team...

Glastonbury 2016 LyrixOrganix – RumShack – ShangriLa – GhettoFunk

What can I say, another amazing year. Yes it was Muddy. Yes it was hard work but it was one of the greatest...

Natty Speaks is an irrepressible Hip Hop entertainer – versatile, gifted, and outspoken. He has lit up shows internationally with his all-round skills and lyrical firepower.

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